Nutrition Specialist Training Options

AASDN provides preparation training materials and several training options. However, candidates are not required to purchase, enroll, or participate in any AASDN educational offerings. Candidates may purchase the AASDN Nutrition Specialist Certification Exam without purchasing any AASDN materials or programs.

Be sure to read the the Candidate Terms and Conditions before purchasing any AASDN training options. Also, be sure to read the Nutrition Specialist Candidate Handbook before entering into the Nutrition Specialist Program.

Nutrition Specialist Training Options

NS Exam
NS Study Materials
NS Live Workshop/ Webinar
NS Home Study
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Study  Guide
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Contact Hours*
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Free Practice Exam
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Additional Activities/Support
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 * See AASDN Programs – Contact Hours for description                                * * Prices vary depending on location, instructor and venue.

AASDN also offers an option to attend the seminar/webinar only. This option is recommended for former students and students that wish to increase their knowledge of nutrition. This option does NOT INCLUDE THE NUTRITION SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION. Click here for more details.

Nutrition Specialist Self-Study Group Training Packages

  • All self-study options (exam only, study materials, home study) have a one year expiration date from date of purchase.
Group Packages Exam Only Option – Retail $299 *
NS Study Materials – Retail $325 NS Home Study – Retail $425
3 to 5 Registrations 15% Discount ($44.85 savings per student) 15% Discount ($48.75 savings per student) 15% Discount ($63.75 savings/student)
6 to 10 Registrations 20% Discount ($59.80 savings per student) 20% Discount ($65.00 savings/student) 20% Discount ($85.00 savings/student)
> 10 Registrations 30% Discount ($89.70 savings per student) 30% Discount ($97.50 savings/student) 30% Discount ($127.50 savings/student)

* This option includes exam and practice exam only and does not include AASDN study materials.*Contact us at info@aasdn.org for details.