Why Work with a Nutrition Manager

What is a Nutrition Manager

A Nutrition Manager is a highly skilled individual with an extensive background and training in exercise and fitness, the prestigious Nutrition Specialist Certification through AASDN, and other certifications necessary to provide effective lifestyle change programs.

Nutrition Mangers also possess effective coaching skills, leading to a co-creative partnership between the Nutrition Manager and the client/patient. This partnership is essential in designing effective lifestyle change programs.

In addition, Nutrition Managers work with a team of experts and have access to the latest scientific information. All Nutrition Managers:

  • Work directly with an AASDN Licensed Registered Dietitian thereby providing safe, scientific and effective lifestyle change programs
  • Implement programs using interactive documents and menu plans
  • Deliver documents developed by AASDN experts specifically for clients with medical conditions and disease states

Why Work With a Nutrition Manager

While dietitians are the “go to” clinical nutrition experts, Nutrition Managers possess a variety of skills allowing them to implement programs that include all dimensions of success in health, sports performance and weight management. To reiterate, Nutrition Managers:

  • Possess a well rounded background in fitness, nutrition and healthy eating
  • Possess coaching skills necessary in providing effective lifestyle change programs.
  • Work directly with a team of AASDN experts thereby providing safe, scientific and effective lifestyle change programs.

Under the direction of an AASDN Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Managers can work with clients to:

  • Take an inventory of current status
  • Guide and facilitate a vision of long-term health and well-being
  • Develop a customized exercise program
  • Design an individualized  nutrition/healthy eating program
  • Provide accountability, support and ongoing progress evaluation
  • Assist in achievement of successful lifestyle modifications and behavioral change

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