Nutrition Manager Program

While dietitians are the “go to” experts in the field of nutrition, Nutrition Managers possess a variety of skills including a well rounded background in fitness, nutrition and healthy eating, as well as the ability to coach patients/clients in achieving total wellness. AASDN Nutrition Managers work directly with an AASDN dietitian allowing them to provide specialized services, including the ability to work with special populations.

Reasons to Become a Nutrition ManagerNM2

  • Ability to create customized menu plans for both children and adults
  • Ability to work with more special populations
  • Access to the new Nutrition Manager Locator system
  • Annual Nutrition Specialist renewal fee waived for all Nutrition Managers
  • Work directly with an AASDN dietitian
  • Access to the interactive Nutrition Manager Center. This center makes it possible to work from any computer, tablet, or cell phone. Available interactive documents and programs include:
    • Menu plans with drop down lists provide individualized menu planning and save precious time
    • Total energy nutrient calculation
    • Free continuing education programs

How to Become a Nutrition Manager

Nutrition Managers must possess and maintain the AASDN Nutrition  Specialist Certification.

Membership Benefits and Fees

The Nutrition Manager Program is available for the low annual fee of $319. The annual Nutrition Specialist fee is waived for all Nutrition Manager (a $59 value).

Nutrition Manager membership  includes unlimited email communication with an AASDN dietitian and access to the interactive online Nutrition Manager  member center and the new review process. Nutrition Managers work directly with an AASDN dietitian  which allows them to provide more specialized services and serve special populations.

Nutrition Manager Benefits Versus Nutrition Specialist Benefits

Nutrition Specialist$59 Annual Fee Nutrition Manager$319 Annual Fee
Access to Nutrition Manager Membership Center
Ability to Work With Special Populations
Access to Interactive Menu Plans
Submission of Client Profile to AASDN Dietitian
Access to Marketing Kit
Newly Revised 8-week Group Nutrition Class
New Nutrition Manager Locator Service
Medical Fitness Network Referral Service
Access to Nutrition Specialist Membership Center
New Online Caloric Needs Sheet and Calculator
Free Continuing Education Courses
Resource Center (Home Page)
Membership Listing Page
Ability to Use AASDN Logo on Documents and Website
“In the News” Posts  √
Half Off the 9th Edition Nutrition For Professionals Textbook
Access to All Documents/Handouts
Unlimited Access to AASDN Dietitian (answer questions)
NOTE: Nutrition Manager fee includes the $59 Nutrition Specialist renewal fee)

What Nutrition Managers Have to Say

Laurel Lingle, Employee Wellness Coordinator

Marion County Public Schools (Ocala Florida)

AASDN has revolutionized the industry through their common-sense approach to healthy eating and lifelong weight management. By basing their curriculum on scientifically sound principals, they dispel many of the myths associated with fad dieting, low-calorie nutrition plans, and quick-fix weight loss programs.


Ann Glora
Hyde Park YMCA
Hyde Park, MA

Completing the Nutrition Specialist program was a very good decision. Not only did I get reasonably priced CEC’s for all of my certifications, but I found a terrific program to take back to my facility. With guidance, we took the Nutrition Manager principles and applied them to a group setting.


Charles Clute
Rye, NY

I took the Nutrition for Professionals course and was excited to learn of the YMCA program utilizing Nutrition Manager Consultants. We began our program January 24 and by mid April we had increased our income by almost $10,000. Participants in the program are making lifestyle changes and seeing results. Testimonials from members indicate that the program exceeds their expectations and all have made significant lifestyle changes. Dietitian support has been key in our providing such a successful program.


Debbie Nutile
The Finish Line
Novi, MI 48375
The Nutrition Manager Program is a win/win situation for myself and for the club where I work. The club has little or no expense, no equipment to buy and requires little space. We have advertised our weight management program to members and placed an ad in our local newspaper. The program has brought in new memberships and has increased personal training revenue. We also have an advantage over other clubs not providing weight management programs. I have asked a co-worker to become a Nutrition Manager Consultant with me so that we can accommodate more clients.


Caine Pavlosky
Global Fitness
Stow, MA 01775
The Nutrition Manager program is exactly what I needed as a personal trainer. I became a Nutrition Manager Consultant and it’s well worth the monthly licensing fee. I not only incorporate a nutrition component with all my clients, I have clients from other personal trainers coming to me for nutrition; I even have clients from another club coming to me. And, if I have any questions or am unsure about anything, I can count on my AASDN dietitian for help. The program is great and I recommend it to all personal trainers that realize how important nutrition is to client success.