AASDN has developed several programs aimed at meeting the needs of fitness and health professionals wishing to safely and legally incorporate nutrition into their programs. AASDN has also developed a program for educators wishing to teach sports nutrition.

Nutrition Specialist Program

Improve Client/Patient Success
Earning the AASDN Nutrition Specialist Certification provides more than a credible level of expertise; it signifies an aptitude, commitment, and dedication to improving the health status of clients/patients.

The AASDN Nutrition Specialist Certification is the only nutrition certification to offer: scripted programs for children and adults, unlimited sports dietitian support, and all documents needed to immediately incorporate a nutrition program.


Nutrition Manager Program

Special Populations
All Nutrition Specialists (in good standing) may enter the Nutrition Manager program. The Nutrition Manager program allows Nutrition Specialists to provide more specialized services and serve special populations by working directly with an AASDN Dietitian.


Sports Nutrition Certificate Program

Teaching Sports Nutrition
The AASDN Online Sports Nutrition Certificate Program is designed to expand knowledge related to the field of sports nutrition and to enable educators of other disciplines to relate this knowledge in their specific fields. This program allows graduates to teach the AASDN nutrition specialist curriculum under the directive of the AASDN.