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AASDN is pleased to provide the following continuing education courses. Click on the course link in the table below for details concerning the course. To register for a course, click on the link in the table below.

Members Receive Free CEC’s

Members please follow the directions below to obtain a CEC code and receive courses for free.

  • Send us an email at info@aasdn.org.
  • Include your name and the course your wish to complete. Please only one course at a time.
  • Request a CEC discount code. YOU MUST REQUEST A DISCOUNT CODE TO RECEIVE CEC COURSES FOR FREE.  AASDN is not be able to provide courses for free without a discount code.
  • We will reply to your email and forward a link to the registration page along with a CEC discount code.
  • Complete the registration form and include the CEC discount code. Be sure to click on “Apply” to remove the cost of the course.
  • Upon receipt of your registration you will receive directions on how to proceed.

You will receive a completion certificate along with a completion letter upon successful completion of the post course assessment quiz. Completion letters include all relevant information necessary to petition other health and fitness organizations for continuing education units/credits. See below for petition details.

Course / Click on Link for Course Description CECs Click on Link to Register
Determining Adequate Protein Intake 3 CECs $39.99 Sale $19.99
How to Choose Healthy Carbohydrates 3 CECs $39.99 Sale $19.99
Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Latest NCCAM Research 5 CECs $79.00 Sale $59.00
Labeling Regulations 3 CECs $39.99 Sale $19.99
Gluten Free – Is It Healthy For Everyone 5 CECs $79.00 Sale $59.00
6 Tip Offs to Rip Offs – Don’t Fall For Health Fraud Scams 3 CECs $39.99 Sale $19.99
Essentials of Coaching 10 CECs $99.00 Sale $79.00
Implementing a Group Program 3 CECs $39.99 Sale $19.99
Implementing an Individual Program 3 CECs $39.99 Sale $19.99
The Business of Nutrition 10 CECs $99.00 Sale $79.00


National Childhood Obesity Awareness Initiative (NCOAI)

As a USDA / Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion community partner, AASDN is committed to establishing and supporting programs that promote physical fitness,  and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

In furtherance of the AASDN mission, AASDN is also committed to reducing childhood obesity by partnering with the National Childhood Obesity Awareness Initiative (NCOAI). In collaboration with the NCOAI, AASDN is offering continuing education units for the Youth Nutrition Program.

  • Courses and Post Course Assessment are free for all AASDN members (follow same process as previously described)
  • Non members click on the link in the table below to purchase the CEC quiz.
  • To obtain course details click on the link in the table below.
Click on Link for Course Details CECs Click on Link to Purchase “Quiz”
Part 1 Definitions of Obesity-  Measuring and defining childhood obesity 3 CECs $39.99 Sale $19.99
Part 2 Rates of Obesity- Discussing the rates of childhood obesity 3 CECs $39.99 Sale $19.99 
Part 3 Consequences of Obesity – Itemizing the consequences of childhood obesity 3 CECs $39.99 Sale $19.99
Part 4 School Lunches – Schools identified as the focal point for reducing childhood obesity 3 CECs $39.99 Sale $19.99
Part 5 Serving Sizes – Identifying what constitutes serving and portion sizes 3 CECs $39.99 Sale $19.99
Part 6 Caloric Needs – The science behind determining caloric needs for children 3 CECs $39.99 Sale $19.99
Part 7 Star Associated Food Rating System – Educating, inspiring and motivating children 3 CECs $39.99 Sale $19.99
Part 8 Meal Plans – Colorful, easy to use meal plans based on caloric needs 3 CECs $39.99 Sale $19.99


Youth Nutrition Certificate Program

Individuals who complete the Youth Nutrition Program course work (table above) and who successfully complete the post course assessment will be awarded the Youth Nutrition Certificate.


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