Position Statements

Position papers explain the AASDN stance on issues that affect the health status of the public and the role that allied health professionals play in providing safe and effective wellness programs that adhere to all state licensure laws and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics guidelines.

Position statements are based on sound scientific data. Readers may copy and distribute position papers providing such distribution is not used to indicate an endorsement of a product or service.

Position stands on nutritional supplements by other national organizations include:

AASDN Conflict of Interest Policy

AASDN, AASDN-BOC and AASDN-CC maintain a strict Conflict of Interest Policy for its staff, volunteers and board members. AASDN has no legal or financial connection to accreditation organizations from which it seeks accreditation. AASDN-BOC has no financial or legal connections to NOCA or NCCA or any other accreditation organization.

AASDN accepts no funds from advertising, no corporate funds or government grants. Funding for AASDN programs is achieved through AASDN certificate programs and the AASDN Nutrition Specialist Certification. AASDN extends its sincere gratitude to members, Nutrition Specialist Certificants and students of the Sports Nutrition Certificate program who provide support for all AASDN activities.