Frequently Asked Questions

Are AASDN programs based on a newly developed diet plan that includes supplementation?

AASDN maintains a strict code of conduct which prohibits the sale/promotion of any diet plans or nutritional products. We at AASDN are tired of crazy diets sabotaging the health of our nation which is why we developed a “spoof” on diets – the Boston Beer and Prune Diet. The AASDN position stand on nutritional products is in agreement with other nationally recognized organizations. READ MORE

What is the difference between the Nutrition Specialist Program, the Nutrition Manager program and the Sports Nutrition Certificate program?

  • The Nutrition Specialist program is a “turnkey” nutrition program designed for professionals who wish to incorporate a nutrition program when working with clients, patients, students, etc. This program also includes unlimited support by an AASDN Sports Dietitian at no additional charge. READ MORE
  • The Nutrition Manager program is open to all Nutrition Specialists who wish to work more directly with specialized populations under the guidance of an AASDN licensed dietitian. READ MORE
  • The Sports Nutrition Certificate program is designed for individuals who wish to expand their knowledge of nutrition beyond the Nutrition Specialist Certification and become involved in teaching sports nutrition to professionals within their field of expertise. Requirements to enter the SNC program include possessing a nutrition certification, a fitness certification, and experience in the field.  READ MORE

Upon completion of the Nutrition Specialist certification, am I considered a licensed professional?

ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Licenses are mandated through regulatory or government agencies and define the title and scope of practice. Doctors, nurses, attorneys, and public accountants are examples of occupations that require a license to practice.  A certification is the recognition of an individual who has demonstrated through a standardized assessment that they meet defined qualifications within a profession. Certifications are typically offered in industries in which it’s important to uphold certain standards. AASDN Nutrition  Specialists uphold the standards imposed by state nutrition licensure laws through the use of documents developed by qualified, licensed dietitians. No program/document can be modified or altered in any way without approval by an AASDN licensed dietitian/nutritionist. The AASDN Nutrition Specialist Candidate Handbook outlines a clearly defined scope of practice for all Nutrition Specialists.

What is the “Value” of the Nutrition Specialist Certification

Upon successful completion of the Nutrition Specialist Certification exam, Certified Nutrition Specialists through AASDN are able to deliver turnkey nutrition information to clients.   AASDN registered and licensed dietitians work closely with all Certified professionals to ensure they have high quality evidence based nutrition information to deliver to clients.

  • It is the only nutrition certification program that includes all materials utilized by certified members, including “ready to implement” documents and scripted programs.
  • It is the only nutrition certification program that includes unlimited sports dietitian support.
  • It is the only nutrition certification program with a defined scope of practice providing safe and effective programs.

Is it legal to become a Nutrition Specialist in my state?

Yes – the Nutrition Specialist program is legal in all states:

  • All state licensure laws have a clause that allows individuals to incorporate nutrition education as long as educational activities/documents are created by, and reviewed by a licensed dietitian/nutritionist. No program/document change can be initiated without prior approval by a licensed dietitian/nutritionist.
  • All AASDN documents and programs have been created by, are reviewed by, and monitored by licensed dietitians.
  • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) has indicated (in writing) that it is legal for health and fitness professionals to incorporate nutrition into their programs. READ MORE

What are my options for becoming a Nutrition Specialist?

Options for becoming a Nutrition Specialist include:

  • Nutrition Specialist Exam Only Option. This option includes a practice exam and the Nutrition Specialist Certification exam. This option does not include the Nutrition for Professionals Textbook and is not recommended for first time applicants that are not familiar with the material contained in the Nutrition for Professionals 9th Edition Textbook.  READ MORE
  • Workshop Option. The Nutrition Specialist Live Workshop Option is designed for students who prefer to learn in a classroom atmosphere. This option contains everything needed to become a Nutrition Specialist. READ MORE
  • Webinar Option. The live webinar is designed for students who prefer a live workshop atmosphere but do not have the luxury/time to travel. The live webinar contains everything you need to become a Nutrition Specialist. READ MORE
  • Study Materials Option. This option is designed for students who have an extensive nutrition background and wish to study on their own. This option includes all materials needed to become a Nutrition Specialist. READ MORE
  • Home Study Option. This option has been designed for students who prefer to study in the comfort of their own home at their own pace? This option provides additional support, and study activities and also includes all the materials needed to become a Nutrition Specialist. READ MORE

What is the deadline for completing the Nutrition Specialist program?

All self-study programs (exam, materials and home study option) have a one year expiration date from date of purchase. Students may register for the Nutrition Specialist Certification Exam at any time during this period. Students attending the live workshop or webinar must register for the Nutrition Specialist Certification Exam within 6 months of completing the workshop/webinar.

What are the obligations for maintaining the Nutrition Specialist Credential?

There are two obligations to maintain the NS credential. AASDN certified members must meet the following requirements:

  • All Nutrition Specialists are required to renew their certification on an annual basis. The Nutrition Specialist Certification expires on December 31st of each calendar year (details below). READ MORE
  • All Nutrition Specialists must maintain continuing education records (details below). The AASDN-BOC has instituted a random audit whereby only 10% of all Nutrition Specialists will be asked to provide proof of continuing educations requirements. No fees are associated with this process. READ MORE

How is the AASDN Nutrition Specialist Exam administered?

There are two methods of exam administration:

  • The AASDN Nutrition Specialist Exam is an online, open book exam and is designed to test the ability of the Candidate to find and apply information and knowledge, and problem solve. Hence, Candidates are allowed access to the Nutrition for Professionals Textbook, other textbooks, and study materials during the exam and are allowed up to 3 hours for completion of the exam. READ MORE
  • The AASDN Nutrition Specialist Exam is administered at several colleges and universities upon completion of the AASDN Nutrition Specialist workshop. Please contact us for more details concerning this option.

What is the AASDN program cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy for each program includes:

  • Workshop/Webinar Refund Policy. Candidates choosing the Live Workshop/Webinar program must comply with the refund and continuing education policy. Space is limited so pre-registration is required. A refund is given for cancellations with 30 days notice prior to the live workshop date; however, a charge of $50 will be applied for handling /shipping charges. Additional charges will be applied for materials not returned. All returned items must be in saleable condition. All other cancellations will be credited toward future workshops. A $50 charge will be applied for changing/switching course dates. A 24-hour notice is required for any credit toward future workshops. Should fewer than 10 candidates register for a workshop, AASDN retains the right to cancel the workshop. Those affected will be notified no later than 14 days before the workshop date and offered the opportunity to transfer to a different site at no additional cost; obtain a refund; or switch to the home study course. AASDN is not responsible for expenses incurred by a candidate due to a canceled workshop. No-shows who do not arrive at the workshop and who do not cancel or transfer their registrations will forfeit the registration fee. Should they wish to take the workshop at a later date they will need to register again and pay the full registration fee. AASDN is committed to attaining and maintaining high standards as a continuing education provider. Therefore, students must attend the entire workshop to receive continuing education.
  • Home Study/Study Materials Refund Policy. Confirmation, directions and materials will be mailed to you upon receipt of completed registration form. AASDN offers a refund, less shipping and handling within 14 days of purchase provided materials are returned unopened and in saleable condition. Requests for refund must be made in writing to AASDN before the 14 day deadline. All sales are final after the 14 day period. All materials are warranted and will be replaced at no charge.
  • Publications and Exam Refund Policy. All sales are final and no refunds are given for products listed under publications or for exams.

How do I find a Nutrition Specialist in my area?

  • Click on the following link to view members in your area: Membership List