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Our team of Nutrition Specialist Instructors (NSI) serve as independent contractors that provide instructional services in the delivery of the Nutrition Specialist certification training. The NSI also has the opportunity to partner with AASDN in delivering additional nutrition education to the AASDN membership and general public.

NSI are permitted to conduct and customize the delivery format (i.e. webinar vs. live; or 2 days vs. 4 days) of the Nutrition Specialist certification training. The programmatic content delivered must remain unchanged in order to comply with continuing education standards and to ensure the learning objectives of the course are met so participants receive the necessary preparation for the Nutrition Specialist exam.

NSI determine the dates, locations, delivery method, general format (i.e. two day workshop), and rate. Some guidelines are established to ensure for quality control and to cover certain course expenses. AASDN handles the administrative items associated with the trainings, which includes participant registration, mailing material to the participants, process the online exam and providing continuing education.

Note: All dollar amounts listed below are subject to change and solely at the discretion of AASDN.


Below are the minimum qualifications required to be a NSI:

  • Must hold the Nutrition Specialist credential through AASDN
  • Must hold a Master’s Degree in nutrition or dietetics
    • or successful completion of the AASDN Sports Nutrition Certificate (SNC) program
  • Certification/Degree in exercise related field
  • Instructor/facilitator experience
  • A passion to teach sports/wellness nutrition to health professionals


The typical process/pathway to becoming a NSI follows this diagram:

NSI ProcessTo Apply

To apply to become a NSI contractor, send a letter of intent, resume/cv, copy of academic transcripts (if you have a degree in nutrition or dietetics) and forward other relevant information or supporting documents to show proof of exercise and nutrition background to info@aasdn.org with subject line: NSI APPLICATION DOCUMENTS. Then, complete the online NSI – Application Form.

The application process is open and on-going. Acceptance into the NSI training will depend on need and experience.


Here is the general overview of the cost of becoming a NSI

NS Instructor Costs
Sports Nutrition Certificate Program *
NSI Training **





*This assumes the applicant currently holds the Nutrition Specialist certification, which is a requirement to be a NSI. If not a current Nutrition Specialist, visit The Nutrition Specialist Certification Overview to explore the option of obtaining the credential.

**Includes a $30.00 non-refundable application fee. Does not include required textbooks.

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Nutrition Specialist Instructor Training

  • Follow-up interview with AASDN Dietitian to ensure that NSI understands the AASDN Scope of Practice and understands the AASDN Position Statements.
  • New NSI must sign a non-compete agreement with AASDN. The non-compete agreement does not prevent the NSI from teaching other nutrition topics. It is an agreement that the NSI will not use the provided material to create his/her own competing training organization.
  • After signing the NSI agreement, NSI will receive all materials from AASDN. Materials will also be available in the Membership Center accessed through AASDN main website (www.aasdn.org).
  • Training may be completed via webinar, telephone, in-person or any combination suitable to instructor and trainee. Typically this training will be divided into two parts: 1. the administrative process, 2. content review.
  • NSI should review all materials prior to the initial training.
  • AASDN staff trainer will spend a minimum of 1 hour and maximum of 3 hours reviewing the course goals, process, outline, videos, and PowerPoint slides with NSI.
  • At the discretion of the AASDN Staff Trainer, the new NSI may be asked to audit/team teach a webinar/live workshop.
  • Trainer remains available to instructor to answer questions as long as the NSI remains in good standing with AASDN.

Maintaining Good Standing as a Nutrition Specialist Instructor

To remain a NSI in good standing, the following criteria must be met:

  • Maintain your Nutrition Specialist certification through AASDN.
  • Teach one nutrition specialist course each calendar year.  First class to be taught within 6 months of completing NSI training.
  • Contact hours required for the nutrition specialist certification will be satisfied for the year if instructor teaches one nutrition specialist course within the respected year. If the nutrition specialist instructor does not instruct a course within a year, he or she must complete an update before instructing again. A $100.00 fee is assessed for the training update.

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