AASDN is a 501 (c) 6 non-profit organization with the mission to provide health professionals with sound, scientific nutrition programs, under the guidance of licensed dietetic professionals, to help increase access to nutritional services.

AASDN sets itself apart from other nutrition organizations:

  • AASDN programs are based on sound , scientific nutrition information.
  • AASDN programs are created by licensed professionals aimed at allowing non-licensed professionals to safely and legally incorporate nutrition.
  • AASDN programs adhere to state nutrition licensure laws.
  • AASDN members receive unlimited dietitian support.
  • AASDN members (for a small annual membership fee) have access to all the documents necessary to implement nutrition programs.
  • AASDN accepts no funds from advertising, no corporate funds or government grants. AASDN extends its sincere gratitude to members, Nutrition Specialist Certificants and students of other AASDN programs who provide support for all AASDN activities.

About AASDN – Timeline


Founded in 2001 as a non-profit organization, Dr. Jane Pentz and several colleagues recognized the need for nutrition programs – developed by qualified, licensed nutrition professionals and aimed at allowing non-licensed professionals to incorporate nutrition. MEET DR. JANE – AASDN FOUNDER


AASDN created the AASDN Credentialing Commission as the credentialing body for the newly created Nutrition Specialist Certification. READ MORE


The Nutrition Manager Program allows Nutrition Specialists to work with more diversified populations. READ MORE


AASDN began a partnership with the USDA/Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion. As a community partner, AASDN is committed to establishing programs that promote physical fitness and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


The comprehensive Nutrition Certificate program was established for educators wishing to teach sports nutrition in their specific fields. READ MORE


During a 6 month sabbatical, Dr. Pentz and co-author, Doug Dwyer, published a young adult novel with a purpose. No – Book one of the 8th Day Mystery Series inspires and motivates young readers to make healthy school lunch choices.


In January 0f 2012, for the first time in 15 years, the USDA issued new guidelines for school meals. AASDN supports these new efforts through a collaborative partnership with the National Childhood Obesity Awareness Initiative. The initiative incorporates a star-associated food rating system which provides a simple yet effective tool for educating, inspiring and motivating children to make healthy school lunch choices. READ MORE


AASDN joined the NANA coalition and Dr. Jane Pentz became a member of the NANA School Foods Subcommittee and the NANA Food Marketing Workgroup. READ MORE


AASDN launched a new, free continuing education program for professionals wishing to get involved in reducing childhood obesity. READ MORE


AASDN announces the initiation of a collaborative research project with The University of South Florida.  The purpose of the project is to determine the impact of the NCOAI placemat on the fruit and vegetable intake of 2nd grade school age children attending the Villages, FL Charter School. READ MORE


AASDN publishes the new 9th edition Nutrition for Professionals Textbook, the ultimate nutrition resource textbook for health and wellness professionals wanting to incorporate more nutritional services into their practice!  AASDN also launches its new website with exciting new including membership listings, daily posting of the latest nutrition information, member video presentations, and more.


In 2015 Greg Salgueiro becomes the AASDN Nutrition Director. Members take advantage of new programs and new benefits including membership monthly handouts geared towards medical conditions and disease states. Nutrition Specialist Instructors are added to the AASDN Team and the Nutrition Specialist certification course is expanded into several New Jersey Community Colleges.  Along with the traditional 2-day course, webinars and administered self-study courses are added. A new Nutrition Manager web platform is launched creating a quick and easy venue for locating highly trained and skilled AASDN Nutrition Managers. AASDN also announces a new joint agreement with the Medical Fitness Network (MFN) that expands outreach significantly into 2016.  Looking ahead to 2016, the Nutrition Specialist course material is integrated into the core personal training curriculum at a technical school in Massachusetts.